Mogu Serum

Mushrooms are a considered a superfood and are powerful source for anti inflammatory and anti-redness properties.  Latest cosmeceutical technologies have allowed us to create Mogu, an effective skin serum that delivers high level of efficacy using Shiitake, Mannantake and Reishi Mushroom complexes.

Melani Beauty research shows that the mushroom extract complex exhibits anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties which assist the body in combatting disease and are therefore can slow aging. See the effects that make your skin stronger, glowing and protected from daily environmental pollutants. Reverse the effects of past exposure and keep adventuring knowing you can be protected with Mogu Serum.

The effects of the mushroom showed progress in hypotensive, anti-inflammatory and immuno-modulatory properties in the skin after the use of mushroom extract.

Type: Serum

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