M Orchise Serum

Orchise Serum® is a carefully formulated skin treatment for sensitive skin and skin with minor discolouration. Extract from orchids has been used for thousands of years and are known to strengthen the dermis, is a super antioxidant, and can have greater than 4X the effect than vitamin C and E.

Orchise Serum® is a beauty serum interpretation that uses the particularly nutritive properties from the orchid called "flavanoids" and "anthocyanins" that are known to calm and preserve the skin's natural resilience. reducing damage from UV rays and hyperpigmentation (darkening of skin in areas).

Orchids have been used in Asia for centuries, mostly for their healing, reparative and protective properties. Extracts from several orchid species are moisturizing, hydrating, UV protective, anti-oxidative (fighting free radicals), skin immunity boosting and highly wrinkle healing. 

With it’s highly anti-oxidative, astringent and skin silkening properties, Orchise Serum increases skin’s tone while minimizing skin sensitivities and pigmentation (results will vary). This family of anti-oxidative species can have up to four times greater than vitamin E and C.

Type: Serum

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