Innovation Superclusters - How They Will Help The Canadian Cosmetic & Beauty Industries

October 09, 2020

Innovation Superclusters - How They Will Help The Canadian Cosmetic & Beauty Industries

What is an Innovation Supercluster?

Innovation Superclusters are engines of economic growth. Built around industries of the future, Superclusters can accelerate transformation and drive system-level innovation at scale. From China and Japan to Norway, Canada and Latin America, stakeholders alike are starting to explore and fuel potential Innovation Superclusters like the Canadian Cosmetic Cluster. It is expected to see a number of new Supercluster initiatives arise leading up to 2030 to drive innovation into the future with new strategies for success.

The 5 Pillars of Cluster Innovation:    

Entrepreneurs - Capital - Corporate - Academics - Government

Who are the Supercluster Game Changers?

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Politicians
  • Consultants & Policymakers
  • Cluster Boards & Cluster Leaders
  • Business Schools & Academic Faculty
  • Innovation Leaders
  • Ecosystem Builders
  • National Innovation Agencies
  • National Transformational Heroes

The Canadian Cosmetic Cluster is an internationally recognized hub that participates in global trade initiatives and provides service to local and international cosmetic companies. The Canadian Cosmetic Cluster was created to support Canadian Cosmetic companies across the supply chain. The cluster is focused on education, support and connection. Our new education programs were developed with industry experts. As active members of the Global Cosmetic Cluster, the Canadian Cosmetic Cluster works with 25 clusters around the world to support the cosmetic industry and promote international collaboration.

"We provide different levels of support to companies ranging from startups and medium sized businesses. Our mission is to provide a fast track access to the Canadian Market and to help companies succeed." Margarita Sidorova, Founder - Canadian Cosmetic Cluster

There is one simple goal with the Canadian Cosmetic Cluster; to develop and export exceptional cosmetic raw materials and finished products.  Canada has been well known as a land of natural beauty. Explore the cosmetic raw material potential that Canada has in terms of minerals, natural waxes, botanical extracts, and oils. Discover the qualities of the soil and climate that makes the plant growth exceptional. Product development opportunities that can be found in this raw material market. We look at current trends in cosmetic active ingredients and present the solutions found in the mineral-rich soils of Canada. There is also a great amount of potential in research that can be done on plant species and their bioactive properties. More exposure of Canadian natural resources as ingredients in local and world class beauty brands and cosmetics will result in unprecedented growth of the industry.

Supercluster teams and leaders will continue to communicate, strategize growth, attract stakeholders, partner and collaborate to develop Superclusters on a 10-20 year horizon.

The Canadian Cosmetic Cluster offers consultations and guidance for an incoming trade mission and single companies looking to do cosmetic business in Canada. The cluster focuses on the areas of industry, government, and academics. The cluster will connect with government regulation. 
The Canadian Cosmetic Cluster offers a range of Services to both Canadian Cosmetic Companies and International Cosmetic Companies.

Services CCC offers:
  • Consultation on Canadian Cosmetic Industry Projects 
  • Business Development Connection
  • Government Export Support 
  • Market Research/Market Reports
  • Academic Connections
  • Workshops
  • Cosmetic Career Connections and Mentorship Opportunities 

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