Barrier Beauty ::: Repair On Duty

August 17, 2020

Barrier Beauty ::: Repair On Duty

Barrier Beauty and it's relevance today

The barrier of our skin is a threshhold that serves as a biological defence system  that provides balance for all of different areas of skin. This invisible skin barrier called the skin microbiome or microbiota is made up of millions of naturally occurring bacteria, fungi and micro-viruses that co-operate to keep skin healthy and fight pathogens. These days wearing a mask over the majority of the face can affect the state of our skin. Using too many, too much or not the right products can affect the skin. When the barrier of our skin becomes compromised and weaker or disrupted, we see and feel irritation on the skin, experience unusual or irregular breakouts on the skin. #maskne

Barrier damage can be caused by
  • suffocating skin tissue
  • over treating skin
  • something that is no longer working for your skin, possibly causing irritation
  • it's the wrong product for your skin
  • over cleansing skin
  • scraping, pulling, stretching of the skin excessively

The significance of the skin barrier today is relative to the amount of cleansing our skin experiences during current the Covid-19 flux in order to stay free of foreign toxicants. Our skin barrier is also related to the skin microbiome. The microbiome represents all of the different in different areas of our body which require different levels of protection from environmental influence. The microbiome barrier is made of thousands of naturally occurring bacteria that is created by our skin. It protects our skin from pathogens and good old daily dirt that just sticks to our skin through out the day.

How do we repair the Beauty Barrier?

  • find the root cause
  • eliminate harsh cleansers and/or irritants
  • reduce amount of cleansing with soapy products
  • reduce use of exfoliants, glycolic acid, hydroxy acids
  • reduce use of thick moisturizers or barrier creating creams or balms
  • hydrate from the inside - drink water and clean nutritive liquids
  • keep product regimen simple
  • use a hydrating serum containing moisture-binding ingredients like humectants and peptides
  • reduce inflammatory foods & products

It takes about 14-28 days to repair the beauty barrier when using the appropriate treatment on a regulated course of skin management. One can see a reduction in redness, irritation, inflammation and dehydration. The skin should look clear, radiant, pores should "breathe" healthfully. If you are having an irregular flare ups in your skin, it may be a sign of barrier damage and it's important to stop over treating the skin. If something is trying to escape your skin you need to let it heal, it may not be normal for the first 2 weeks. Treating blemishes and even wrinkles like they are wounds can be beneficial by allowing the skin self heal completely as you would with a scrape. It may lessen scarring, pigmentation and the possibility of a return flare up. Heal your skin and rejuvenate your beauty barrier.

To lessen the impact o skin from wearing a mask, apply a clean serum treatment over face at least 20 mins before applying mask.


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