M Facial Cleanser

Plant based botanical cleanser with the benefits of apple cider and kombucha to strengthen skin immunity. Mildly foaming cleanser for sensitive skin and gentle make up removal.  This pH balanced cleanser detoxifies skin from daily pollutants, balances the skin microbiome and leaves skin ultra soft and smooth. Infused with organic coconut oil, tea tree oil and Japanese green tea adaptogens. M Beauty uses purified and sustainable fragrance molecules in formulation, many nutritive ingredients with their own unique aroma profile. M Cleanser aroma profile is light and refreshing like a 'morning sunlit bowl of berries'

Use dime sized amount to wash face using warm clean water - rinse thoroughly with fresh water, pat to dry. Try leaving your face slightly damp and adding a pea drop sized amount of the concentrated Melani Serum on face and neck to hydro-infuse skin with anti aging and detoxifying nutrients.

Type: Serum

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