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The essence of Cayman – Sun Care for Skin, Organic Fragrant Sprays, Oils and Body Products
My Cayman UV Pro™ Skin protection cream is one of the best sources of nutrients for the skin. UV Pro™ uses the beneficial
properties from antioxidative Sea Buckthorn, Meadowfoam and Vitamin C to rapidly repair damage from UVA/UVB exposure.
This proprietary ingredient blend is so high in nutritive content, tocopherols, beta-carotene and Vitamin C, it aids in the healing
of skin injuries such as burns, sunburns, wounds and eczema and is effective for reducing wrinkles, regenerating skin cells and
anti aging.

The beauty of Cayman is in the aromatic experience of its exotic surroundings and culture.  From the whispering sprays of the ocean
to the spicy smells of the foods and foliage, nothing can replace the intrinsic fragrances.  The roots of the island are entwined with
tangs of citrus, florals, spices, herbs and an oceanic energy with which all people who stay on the island can identify. MYCAYMAN is a
brand that has an essence that lingers on beyond the beach and is the soul of the island.

Top notes of Fruit, citrus, sour sop, flowers, bougainvillea, orchid grass, ginger, eucalyptus, melaleuca,
MIdtones of ripe Mangoes, rose, orchid, coconut, spices, salt, fresh air, spices, earth, roots,
Base notes of rum, tobacco, ginseng roots, banana leaf,  clove, cinnamon    

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