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Each of these serums has been carefully formulated to be balanced, effective for anti-aging and "de-aging" stressed skin. They are made to give a weightless and glowing finish to the skin. Over time you skin will experience improved suppleness, tone and smoothness. Unisex and versatile, this serum delivers results in 15 days after using serum daily.  It is effective for acne, sensitivities, fine lines and discolouration. 


"Longevity Serum was inspired by my Canadian heritage and my roots to nature and adventure. With maple sugar extract, ginseng, green tea and turmeric, I have formulated this serum to fully nourish, strengthen and protect skin even in the true North climate - our skin works so hard, it's the least we can do."


“Longevity is a theme in my product story because of a belief in self-care for the long-term as a fundamental motivator in everything we do" - Melani Chong

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