Q2 Trends for 2020 - Up and Rising During Isolation

May 08, 2020

Q2 Trends for 2020 - Up and Rising During Isolation

Times are changing. We are focussing more on our selves and our close ones. Our daily eco-system is evolving due to these pivotal changes we've adapted to in order to ensure our health and humanity. One of the many things we have been forced to accept and contemplate while being isolated is our obvious "self" - which is the trend that has brought us into a phase of trend reflection.

    Self-confidence in preparation to to manage uncertain days ahead

    Self Image and Self-awareness, in the absence of our physical presence, we still need to communicate and stay connected.

    Self sustaining is a focus we may have contemplated regarding our health, business and futures.

It's no secret that trends are born closer to culture and find their way into mainstream markets years later via the influence of indie brands and personalities.

Despite significant impact from isolation due to COVID19, the beauty industry is still rolling out products to fulfill demands. Trends these days are no accident nor conjured, but where innovation meets humanity.

We can watch out for trends in...

  • Digitalism and AI - convenience and intuition

  • Sustainability - less is more

  • Wellness - standing strong and confident

  • Personalization - a la carte rituals

Artificial intelligence is well iterated by beauty brands who have developed digital and mobile apps that service and consult consumers interests and needs.

With everyone at home, online shopping has taken an upturn resulting in a spike in excess packaging on our hands. Excess packaging, shipping and the resulting CO2 emissions have been an afterthought by consumers. Bundling items should heavily considered when purchasing, scheduling shopping at the end of the week rather than daily. Sustainability will continue to be a driving force in the beauty industry. Plant based packaging is also a growing trend in the industry

Wellness is a category that shows robust and climbing growth. Consumers have long been looking to healthful and ethical lifestyles and they want a personal care regime that they are confident in results and grows with them through time.

Personalization breaks barriers to meet the demands of the global communities. Make up for diverse skin tones and genders, skin care for teens and personal care items specifically developed for age groups or various ethnicities are trends that we can watch for on the marketplace.



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