Melani Chong named Chair of Canadian Cosmetic Cluster

November 17, 2018

Melani Chong named Chair of Canadian Cosmetic Cluster

For Immediate Release,  Monday, November 19, 2018

“The culture of beauty is a common universal language that we all speak and the beauty business can unite us nationally on a cultural and socially economic front.” – Melani Chong. We all use personal care products. We all have a beauty culture secret that we can share with one another. Through the relationship with international clusters, we will focus on leveraging Canadian resources from raw material to finished product ranges.

The Canadian Cosmetic Cluster announces it’s new Chair, Melani Chong, founder of MC2Industries Inc., a boutique Toronto firm of R&D Chemists and Scientists who specialize in cosmetics, topicals and formulating as well as pharmaceutical lab practitoners of cannabis. The Canadian Cosmetic Cluster was founded in 2017 by Margarita Siderova/President to define the industry areas of growth and innovation, to unite the cosmetic industry in Canada and to raise Canadian products (raw to finished and sustainableawareness globally. The Canadian Cosmetic Cluster serves to unite the Canadian cosmetic industry and to help SME’s develop new cosmetic innovation in the global market. “Our biggest priority is to have more Canadian Cosmetic Companies go global and to bring new business from abroad to Canada” – Margarita Sidorova.

A Canadian delegation was formed in September 2018, which met in Paris, France on October 16th, 2018 at the Canadian Embassy to France with International Trade Commissioners and presented at the Cosmetic Clusters International Meeting to exchange strategies to leverage agricultural, forestry and marine assets for use in the global cosmetic industries. On October 17, 2018, the Canadian Cosmetic Cluster formed an official partnership with the Cosmetic Valley France and the Cosmetic Clusters International Network and were joined by several international partners including China, Germany, Switzerland, Bolivia. The CCC, together with MC2 Industries, presented numerous cosmetic scientific innovations to international research panels such as L’oreal, Puig, JnJ, LVMH and several others at the Cosmetics 360* Paris.

The Canadian Cosmetic Cluster is an optimum opportunity to attract cross-industry biotechnology and cosmetic innovation business to Toronto. Toronto is a centrally located, multi-cultural, growing infrastructure to support development (especially with the Cosmetic Regulation Reform), a fantastic exchange rate for many currencies and many trade agreements such as CETA (Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement) and CPTPP (Comprehensive And Progressive Agreement For Trans-pacific Partnership. MC2 Industries and the Canadian Cosmetic Cluster work in partnership with the Cosmetic Valley France, Quebec International, World Trade Centre Toronto as members of the Trade Acceleration Program, Canadian and Toronto Trade Commissioners Service and several charitable programs.

The main Cluster activities for the next year will be:

  1. The Canadian Cosmetic Cluster will work with cosmetic industry members to positively influence organization, navigating industry resources from business support to high-grade agri-materials for use in the cosmetic manufacturing
  1. The Canadian Cosmetic Cluster will work with academic industry affiliates to develop international academia internships as well as a series of varying age appropriate workshops on cosmetic careers, cosmetic business development, and related cosmetic industry topics. 
  1. Begin the development of the Cosmetic Innovation Center. This center will be created in partnership with local academic and industry professionals to help SME’s and students to develop new innovations in cosmetic formulation and packaging.
  1. Canadian Cosmetic Cluster will partner with Quebec International to create the Canadian Cosmetic Pavillion for the Cosmetic 360 Show in 2019.
  1. The Cluster will actively be involved in the welcoming of inbound cosmetic trade missions. Canadian companies can also use the cluster to explore opportunities in international markets through the CCIN.

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