Next-Generation Anti Pollution Innovation : MC2Beauty Provides Greater Protection for Today's Air Quality

July 26, 2017

Next-Generation Anti Pollution Innovation  : MC2Beauty Provides Greater Protection for Today's Air Quality

New innovations in controlling urban skin stress

The impact of pollution from traffic and heavy industry on people’s health has long been a source of concern. The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that over 90% of the world’s population live in areas where pollution levels exceed WHO guidelines. In particular, respiratory problems, such as asthma and lung infections, have all been attributed to pollution. Now, attention is also turning to the impact of pollution on people’s skin.

Airborne particles, such as risky carbon-based molecules, from vehicle exhausts and industrial emissions land on the skin causing irritation and chemical damage. Prolonged exposure can lead to accelerated aging. Ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sun combined with pollutants has a catalytic effect causing greater damage to the skin surface and possibly deeper skin tissue.

There is a belief that exposure to pollution can also create allergen pathways, leading to skin irritation and conditions such as rashes, itching, and eczema. Children and infants with underdeveloped immune systems, are particularly vulnerable to developing unwanted conditions. Children are also more vulnerable to the impacts of air pollution generally, as they ingest pollutants deeper into their lungs than adults and their skin has fewer barrier properties.


Urban skin stress (the impact of pollution on the skin) should not just be dismissed as an unfortunate environmental consequence of urban living. Individuals can now take action against pollution to protect themselves and their children. Many of the products in this innovation space are not just in the concept or prototype stage but are ready for the market now. In the battle against skin pollutants, MC2Beauty is ready to arm their clients with the latest in skin tech innovation.

Innovation in anti-pollution cosmetics

In areas where pollution levels are consistently high and skin is consistently subjected to pollution, there is a need to actively employ protection. Here, MC2Industries/Tech is leading the charge by focussing innovation plans for releasing cosmetic products with anti-pollution technology, as well as natural UV protection, to safeguard the skin. MC2Beauty products can further reverse the damage of pollution.

Bespoke Skin Recommendations

Skincare requirements differ from individual to individual. You only need to think about how we each react to sun exposure (some individuals needing higher SPF against UV) to understand that pollution affects an individual’s skin in very specific and personal ways. The next generation of anti-pollution skincare products will focus on diagnosing a person’s skin requirements and then identifying cosmetic products which are a direct match with that person’s needs. 

The Vision

MC2 utilizes the latest in cosmetic technology to further enhance skins biological ability to repair it self and can be used as prophylactic measures against environmental skin damage. Intrinsic changes in skin, which occur over time and extrinsic changes in skin occur due to environmental influences can take place concurrently.  MC2 examines measures to scientifically understand the mechanical behaviour of skin and applies our results into the cosmetic applications to create a beautiful skin care experience for our clients. My innovation teams are moving quickly from prototypes into marketable products and our technology is keeping up with the vision of MC2Tech marketing professionals and R&D team. 

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